Ana Margarida Lima

Financial Assistant

Working as a financial assistant, Ana’s mission at Lantia is to support the Financial Department on managing payment and receipt operations, financial controlling and reporting.

Ana’s role is to ensure all financial procedures and processes at Lantia are being followed and to assure all financial information is up to date and available for all team members.

Ana is also responsible for the communication with clients and suppliers regarding all matters in the scope of Lantia’s Financial Department.

Graduated in Tourism Information in 2004, Ana started her professional career at CampoReal Resort where she worked for 15 years and participated in the development of the project from its initial phase. Her journey at CampoReal allowed Ana to grow as a professional and broaden her knowledge, as she had the opportunity to work in different areas of business within the project.

As of 2011, Ana’s responsibilities were essentially associated to client relations, especially in the areas of after-sales of the development’s residential properties and in supporting the management of the resort’s common areas. During this period, Ana also had the opportunity to extend her role to the financial area, where she led the relations with clients and suppliers, as she managed all cashflow operations.

From 2017, Ana joined the financial department of the Hotel Dolce CampoReal, where she assumed the position of income auditor for 3 years. During this time, she was responsible for preparing the financial reports on income from accommodation and golf activities.

The diversity of the positions assumed throughout her career, gave Ana the possibility of working in various business areas, giving her a great capability to adapt to new challenges and allowed her to cultivate her spirit of continuous learning.

"Challenges are not to be faced as defeat possibilities but as growing opportunities.”