António Cumbre

Business Development Director

Specialist in management and implementation of New Projects and New Businesses. He has been responsible for acquisitions (find and analyze), project management, marketing intelligence (Advice and Support Lantia on investment decisions and product definition) and innovation in Lantia.

Before Antonio was responsible for the Health and Marketing Department (Bank Insurance Management) in Mozambique. Being an engineer with a master in markets and financial assets started his career in the Banking area. Focus in generating value for Lantia shareholders, ensuring that Lantia as access to the best investment opportunities.

His career has been developed with focus on Profitability and Cash Flow of new projects, generating value for companies and shareholders, ensuring that all investments add medium term value and profitable in short term, always with positive results.

António started his career in Mercedes Benz Portugal and shortly moved to Barclays where he works in the International Private Banking team.

After 4 years in Barclays he moves to the renewable energy company where he Ensure and Lead the internationalisation process namely to Mozambique, Cape Verde and Iran.

In the past 8 years in different companies, António has been working in strategy and management of new projects implementation, contracting and supervising suppliers and partners, marketing strategy, as well as monitoring defined budgets with weekly and monthly reporting to Administration.

Between 2013 and 2019 working in Mozambique with Director functions in a very demanding market from the point of view of resilience, commitment and dedication

With strong communication and presentation skills, combined with a solid technical background and business acumen, able to successfully interact with key stakeholders, such as decision makers as well as more technical audiences. Technical skills obtained over the three pos-graduate courses taken after/during the Mechanical Engineering course and interactions with high net-worth client’s in Wealth Management.

Very focused and goal oriented, proactive and self-determined with high attention to detail. Confirmable by the education cited as well as some sports objectives achieved with special emphasis on sports such as Triathlon (Ironman), Run (Marathon and Ultra-Marathons as well as open water challenges.

"When you love your work and succeed, you are not working, you are playing and you will enjoy every part of it."