we do it

We select, acquire and develop the best property deals in Lisbon.

We have the knowledge and the resources to develop these assets, destined for residency and/or investment. Even when the process is difficult and complex.

We know the business and we know the city. That´s why we can minimize your risk and maximize your investment.

We are ready for the LISBON RENAISSANCE and we are part of it.

Why the
Lisbon Renaissance?

The end of over 40 years rent controls, with the “Troika” imposed economic reforms.
The huge touristic boom that Lisbon is experiencing.
Smart tax and visa incentives, bringing many new foreign buyers to the property market.
The property cycle at the bottom, with prices strongly depressed by the deep economic crisis.

Lisbon and the Mount Fuji Effect

Central Lisbon and the

During the last fifty years, misguided rent controls, restricted owners’ rights and froze rental income.

A recovery to fundamental values in the historical centre is already underway, driving a renaissance of downtown in Lisbon.

Potencial Value Graph

Our Markets and Clients

Tourist from new markets discover Lisbon and bring healthy sales growth on street shops and buoyant business to the city restaurants and hotels.

The new Cruise Terminal will flood the Lisbon Baixa every other day during the season.

The French sophisticated and wealthy and the Golden Visa property hunters are leading the new trend of foreign buyers, revitalizing the Lisbon market and inflating the property prices.

The international retailors and hotel chains are bringing quality and strength to the new market dynamics.

Our Markets and Clients

Our property Products

Our mission is to reinvent property products in the beautiful historical centre of Lisbon.

The human scale of Lisbon Baixa and its buildings is the underlying asset on wich our products will be built.

And our key drivers are: finding the best use of these buildings for its location; refitting without loss of character; adding modern design inside and achieving efficient circulation and use of space.