Diana Batista

Company Secretary and Administration Director

Extensive know-how and experience on the business environment and administration procedures.

Holds a strategic position of considerable influence at the level of governance operations with high level support to the Board of Directors and with direct responsibility on managing Investors and Stakeholders.

Responsible for Administrative and Legal departments, as well as Human Resources, one of the main tasks and achievements is to ensure a transparent information flow within the Board, the Executive Committee and the Operational team, to facilitate communication and decision making.

In 1999 joined NETAL, a family assets management company, as Chairman’s Assistant, being involved in all the main operations, as the acquisition of CESL ASIA (environmental industry, Macau) and the launch of ORIZON (real estate developer, main project – CampoReal Resort, Lisbon).

By the time CampoReal was launched, and due to all the experience acquired while putting the project in place, became in charge of the corporate and legal matters and was appointed Assistant to the BOD.

During the initial phase assumed a key role in the company, organising the information systems and assuring the proper links between the different departments and the decision center.

Her capability to learn and the fact of being a highly adaptable person, as the project evolved, was able to participate and have an active role in every stage of the development, from financing to licensing.

During the restructuring of the company assumed one of the most difficult departments to manage during a difficult time, becoming in charge of Human Resources.

Part of the launching team of the Portuguese Chapter of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), as Chapter Administrator, position held for 5 years, being responsible for all the Chapter management.

BA in International Affairs, from Universidade Lusíada (Lisbon, PT) with a semester as ERASMUS Student (EU Exchange Student Program) in Université Montesquieu (Bordeaux, FR) and a mid-career Post Graduation in General Management (CGG) from Nova SBE (Lisbon, PT).

“Knowing that LANTIA creates Heritage changes the way we work, turning building something into leaving a legacy, and that is a major difference, to feel everything we do is meaningful and will remain perpetual in time."